30 January 2008

Skandies: #18

Picture: Exiled (59/8)
Director: Alain Resnais, Private Fears in Public Places (66/5)
Actress: Parker Posey, Fay Grim (60/9)
Actor: Louis Garrel, Regular Lovers (48/3)
S. Actor: Irfan Khan, The Namesake (47/3)
S. Actress: Valérie Lemercier, Avenue Montaigne (39/3)
Screenplay: Tracy Letts, Bug (53/6)
Scene: Office roundelay, Charlie Wilson's War (39/4)


This is Resnais' first appearance, primarily because Not on the Lips was never released theatrically in the U.S. His only other eligible film was 1999's terrific Same Old Song, which we (though not I) stupidly ignored.

Posey hasn't been seen in these parts since, oh, yesterday. Like I said, welcome back. Lemercier previously placed 8th in the lead category for Friday Night. Garrel and Khan are new, as is Letts for his play, I mean screenplay.

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Chareth Cutestory said...

I hope Hoffman's awesome entrance into "CWW" -- "Excuse me, what the fuck?" -- makes the list. Might be the best movie moment of 2007, for my money. This scene is great too. "What are you, an infant?"