29 January 2008

Skandies: #19

Picture: Once (58/7)
Director: Brad Bird, Ratatouille (60/8)
Actress: Parker Posey, Broken English (55/5)
Actor: Seth Rogen, Knocked Up (47/6)
S. Actor: Anthony Wong, Exiled (40/5)
S. Actress: Romola Garai, Atonement (35/4)
Screenplay: Lars von Trier, The Boss of It All (50/6)
Scene: A reluctant baptism, There Will Be Blood (38/5)

[Aspect ratio is wrong and sound is too low, but I had a bitch of a time creating this sucker at all.]


Bird finished 13th in 2004 for The Incredibles, but failed to place for 1999's The Iron Giant, in spite of that film's 11th-place rank in Best Picture.

All of the actors are new save for Posey, making her first top 20 appearance since 1998. She previously placed 15th for The House of Yes (1997), 6th in Supporting for Clockwatchers (1998), and 15th in Supporting for Henry Fool (also in '98). Welcome back, deposed Indiewood queen.

Von Trier's previous Screenplay citations: 6th for Breaking the Waves (1996), 3rd for Dogville (2004), and 18th for Manderlay (2006).

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