07 February 2015

Skandies: #17

Picture: Nymph()maniac Vol. I (58/7)
Director: Christopher Nolan, Interstellar (58/6)
Actress: Paulina García, Gloria (54/6)
Actor: Michael Keaton, Birdman, or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (68/9)
S. Actor: Peter Sarsgaard, Night Moves (45/5)
S. Actress: Laura Dern, Wild (55/7)
Screenplay: James Gray & Ric Menello, The Immigrant (70/7)
Scene: Safe challenge, Dom Hemingway  (40/4)

(This Fox-supplied clip cuts off the scene's beginning and ending, which are the best parts. But I no longer have time to create clips of my own, so it's whatever's already on YouTube or nothing.)


Nolan previously placed 5th for Memento (2001), 4th for The Prestige (2006), 7th for The Dark Knight (2008), and 10th for Inception (2010).

This is Sarsgaard's first appearance in the top 20 since he won Supporting Actor for Shattered Glass in 2003; he also placed 15th in the same category for Boys Don't Cry back in 1999. Dern previously landed at #10 in the lead category for Citizen Ruth (1996), #19 in Supporting for We Don't Live Here Anymore (2004), and #5 as a lead for Inland Empire (2006). García and Keaton are both new.

Gray and the late Ric Menello landed at #12 for Two Lovers five years ago.

EDIT: One other quick note. With this, Lars von Trier becomes only the second director to land 7 films in the top 20. (The record is held by the Coen Brothers, with 9 to date.) However, Richard Linklater currently has 6, so we just may see this feat duplicated later on.


Thomas said...

Were they any votes for Nymphomaniac as a whole? If so, how did these get handled.

Michael said...

#17 is a perfectly appropriate place for Michael Keaton's comeback. Solid finish, kudos to the guy and his ample talent, but well short of Hollywood's studio-subsidized Gold Derby fellatio.

md'a said...

Were the[re] any votes for Nymphomaniac as a whole? If so, how did these get handled[?]

The complete film wasn't commercially released in New York City last year, so it was ineligible.