05 February 2016

Skandies #16

Picture: Jauja (60/6)
Director: László Nemes, Son of Saul (48/5)
Actress: Sarit Larry, The Kindergarten Teacher (66/5)
Actor: Kentucker Audley, Christmas, Again (73/9)
S. Actor: Emory Cohen, Brooklyn (50/5)
S. Actress: Mickey Sumner, The Mend (56/5)
Screenplay: Michael Almereyda, Experimenter: The Stanley Milgram Story (66/7)
Scene: Mrs. LeBleu's funeral, Li'l Quinquin (46/3)

This isn't the entire scene, but it's the reason people voted for the scene.


Son of Saul is Nemes' first feature.

All the actors are new save for Sumner, who placed 8th in the same category two years ago for Frances Ha.

Almereyda's modern-day adaptation of Hamlet landed him in this same spot, #16, back in 2000.


Jeff said...

And at last I regret not watching LITTLE QUINQUIN. Also I saw JAUJA in a theater where the projection was worse than if I'd watched it on a transistor radio in the shower so under other circumstances I might have rated it higher, but not, definitely, higher than THE ASSASSIN. Or ANT-MAN.

Michael said...

Yes, Jeffery, if you've ever enjoyed Dumont (and I know you have), you'd like Li'l Quinquin, since it's essentially The Return of Bruno: everything he does, only more of it.

Victor Morton said...

This is a film by Bruno Dumont. I do not like films by Bruno Dumont.

Ryan said...

Jauja? The Kindergarden Teacher, a movie I've never even heard of? Think I'm well on my way to becoming the Peter Reiher or Kenru of the AVB.

md'a said...

Both of those films premiered at Cannes (though the latter was in Critics' Week, so easier to miss if you're not heavily tuned in to the fest circuit). And Jauja is easily Alonso's least boring movie to date!

Darren said...

I also would've voted for the funeral scene but moreso for the comedy than the singing.

Theo said...

Yes, good job to the 3 voters. Thought I had Best Scene covered, but I forgot about this one. Put an asterisk next to "Abstract thought" from INSIDE OUT (which I assume is coming soon, or not so soon), that would have 5 points less in an ideal world.

Like Darren, though, the comedy (which is not in the excerpt) rather than the singing is the main reason why I like it. Especially the antics of the two giggly priests.

Ryan said...

Sorry for the confusion. Hadn't heard of Kindergarden Teacher until today, but I did see Juaja via Netflix after missing the AFI screening (for which I had tix). So it was on my radar, and it's not a bad film in my judgment; just didn't expect for it to land in the top 20.

md'a said...

Gotcha. Jauja was on my list of maybes (in terms of predictions); the one that's placed so far that I didn't expect was The Assassin, which seemed to have little AVB support but got a late-breaking 20 points from McCloud.

thanksbud said...

I thought D'Angelista was supposed to take care that his seen descriptions didn't contain spoilers.

dd said...

Shit, I spaced on Cohen, mostly because my supporting ballot was overstuffed anyway, but I'd have made room. He's the best thing about that film.

dbb said...

Can someone (dd perhaps?) explain the appeal of Emory Cohen, who seemed to be only doing a caricature of an Italian guy from Brooklyn?