04 February 2016

Skandies: #17

Picture: The Assassin (58/5)
Director: Michael Almereyda, Experimenter: The Stanley Milgram Story (44/5)
Actress: Teyonah Parris, Chi-Raq (64/5)
Actor: Géza Röhrig, Son of Saul (71/5)
S. Actor: Adam Driver, While We're Young (47/4)
S. Actress: Parker Posey, Irrational Man (53/3)
Screenplay: Nadav Lapid, The Kindergarten Teacher (66/5)
Scene: Jakarta showdown, Blackhat (44/3)

Just a snippet.


First time for Almereyda.

All the actors are new save for Posey, who gets her 6th career nod. She previously placed 15th for The House of Yes (1997), 6th in Supporting for Clockwatchers (1998), 15th in Supporting for Henry Fool (also 1998), and both 17th and 19th in 2007 for Fay Grim and Broken English, respectively.

Lapid's only previous feature, Policeman, was ineligible for the Skandies proper due to missing the two-year eligibility window, as Michael Sicinski pointed out in the comments.


Michael said...

To be fair, Policeman was a 2011 film released in 2014, so it was outside the elibiligibility window. Not to say it would have gotten any votes, but still.

Victor Morton said...

wow ... only five people saw SON OF SAUL ... I thought it was better distributed than that.

Private Joker said...

Ha! Before that twitter discussion we had with Ryan/Mike, I was also thinking that the # of people who saw SON OF SAUL would = the # of people giving points to Rohrig, but clearly there are people with a narrow view of what makes great acting! (cf. Michael Keaton conning 4 voters into giving him pts for SPOTLIGHT).

Victor Morton said...

To be somewhat fair to the heathens, Zach, I could understand placing him #12 or #15 (I had him #4) and thus out of the money ... if this was a particularly strong year for lead males. Which it wasn't.

Jeff said...

Thanks other THE ASSASSIN voters (though probably you could have been more generous and will realize this at some point later in life).

Also sorry, Vic, I did not see SON OF SOL.

dd said...

SON OF SAUL not yet released in New Zealand. Sorry, Rohrig.

Arkaan said...

The distribution of Son of Saul was absolutely atrocious. I can't get over how thoroughly SPC dropped that particular ball.

Ryan said...

Don't blame me. I voted for Rohrig!

Michael said...

Son of Saul.

Saw it.

Didn't much like it.

No points for Röhrig.


Interloper said...

To add to the Only Five People Must Have Seen Son Of Saul conspiracy theory…Actor gets Five votes yesterday, Director gets Five votes today…but I only voted for the director, indeed unfairly treating Geza Rohrig as if he was the donkey from Au Hasard Balthazar…now what’s the actor-but-no-director person’s reasoning?