16 February 2018

Skandies: #2 (special Phantom Thread edition)

Picture: Phantom Thread (237/18)
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson, Phantom Thread (257/21)
Actress: Kristen Stewart, Personal Shopper (257/21) [same points/votes as PTA; not an error]
Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, Phantom Thread (268/20)
S. Actor: Barry Keoghan, The Killing of a Sacred Deer (268/18)
S. Actress: Lesley Manville, Phantom Thread (218/19)
Screenplay: Jordan Peele, Get Out (212/18)
Scene: SMS Express, Personal Shopper (117/09)

[Clip unavailable. Hopefully I correctly interpreted the votes here, because—as I discovered when I wrote up this scene for the A.V. Club—there are actually two memorable texting scenes in this movie, and they're not at all contiguous. I misremembered the "turning off airplane mode" moment of horror as occurring at the end of the long train sequence. It does not. Let me know if I screwed up your vote, but I think they're all correct.]


2007 winner PTA moves into a tie for third all-time, having placed in Director seven times (out of eight; only missed for Hard Eight. Junun wasn't eligible). Most were in the top five—see "nominations" post below—but he also placed 7th for Boogie Nights (1997) and 8th for Punch-Drunk Love (2002). It's his second time finishing 2nd, following The Master.

Day-Lewis has placed four times and finished either 1st or 2nd every time. (See the "nominations" post.) This year, he actually tied his fellow Daniel for 1st in points, losing only because he received two fewer votes (meaning his Passiondex is a bit higher). It's safe to say that he'll be missed. Stewart, in addition to her three-year streak at 3rd or better (again, see "nominations" post), placed 18th and 16th in Supporting for Adventureland (2009) and Still Alice (2014), respectively. Manville has two other nods from Mike Leigh films on top of the nominated and thus previously mentioned Another Year: 16th in Supporting for Topsy-Turvy (1999) and 15th in the lead category for All or Nothing (2002). Keoghan is new.

Peele's screenplay for Keanu didn't make the cut.


Private Joker said...

How come everyone was (correctly, of course) skeptical when Soderbergh announced his "retirement" a few years ago, but somehow nobody is skeptical of Day-Lewis? This is like the fourth time he's said he's quitting acting, and he only does a movie every 5 years anyway. Does nobody think he'll be back on screens somewhere around 2022?

Jeff said...

He'll be back for the next Harmony Korine movie (not the stoner one).

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