04 February 2013

Skandies: #13

Picture: Tabu (111/10)
Director: Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne, The Kid With a Bike (98/10)
Actress: Kara Hayward, Moonrise Kingdom (100/10)
Actor: Tim Heidecker, The Comedy (71/6)
S. Actor: Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln (82/9)
S. Actress: Isabelle Huppert, Amour (69/8)
Screenplay: Mark Boal, Zero Dark Thirty (99/10)
Scene: Ottway helps Lewenden die, The Grey (55/5)

[I'm super-lazy this year. Here it is uploaded from somebody's phone!]


The Dardennes previously placed 15th for La Promesse (1997), 5th for The Son (2003), 5th again for L'Enfant (2006), and 11th for Lorna's Silence (2009).

Huppert now moves alone into 2nd place for all-time Skandie love with 11 total appearances in the top 20; see #17 for details. Jones gets his third nod, having placed twice in 2007: 9th in Supporting (No Country for Old Men) and 16th in Actor (In the Valley of Elah). Hayward and Heidecker are new.

Boal's screenplay for The Hurt Locker did not place, even though the film itself came in at #8.


Jeff said...

Ah well. Was hoping TABU would make the top 10. I should have taken points form a favorite I know is going to place high and reallocated them appropriately. ;)

Glad to see Hayward and Heidecker acknowledged. I knew the Tim love was strong, was less sure the eyeliner would make it.

Theo said...

Yeah, but look: a 40-point gap from #14! We just leapt into a whole new league (though admittedly it's bringing up the rear in that league).

Someone may have to explain this Huppert thing to me. I mean, I know it's Huppert, but still.

Lee Walker said...

What Theo said about Huppert. Also, it will be a shame if TL Jones places for LINCOLN and not HOPE SPRINGS.

md'a said...

I don't understand the Huppert votes either, except as evidence that people will automatically vote for her in anything. Not a bad performance, by any means, but the role doesn't afford her anything extraordinary.

I will be making the same observation about one of the winners in the acting categories.

Michael said...

I will be making the same observation about one of the winners in the acting categories.

Oh shit, here comes the Chastain...

Michael said...

(Unless we are dealing with some McConaughey contrarianism in which case, alright, alright, alright...)

Ryan said...

Probably not McConaughey or Chastain as the issue is about folks voting for reputation rather than performance. Mike is likely alluding to multiple-winner DD-L, who totally deserves to win another in my opinion.

Sorry, other Tabu voters. I tried.

Ryan said...

Or maybe it's Phillip Seymour Hoffman (who was awesome but not as awesome as the lifeguard in In Another Country). What I'm saying is that it's one of these frequently-feted three-name types.

md'a said...

I don't want to say too much, lest I give stuff away, but I will note that my Village Voice and indieWire poll ballots for Best Actor/Lead Performance both included Day-Lewis