27 January 2014

Skandies: #20

[For those of you new to the Skandies, below is what placed 20th in each of these categories. Tomorrow all the #19s will be unveiled, then #18 the next day, etc. If you just want to know who won, check back here in 20 days.]

Picture: The World's End (61/6)
Director: Wong Kar-wai, The Grandmaster (68/8)
Actress: Amy Acker, Much Ado About Nothing (56/6)
Actor: Ali Mosaffa, The Past (47/5)
S. Actor: Will Forte, Nebraska (48/5)
S. Actress: Mati Diop, Simon Killer (44/5)
Screenplay: Woody Allen, Blue Jasmine (63/7)
Scene: Final shootout, Drug War (57/5)

[Normally I try to provide a clip for Best Scene, but was unable to do so in this case—my screener is damaged, apparently, at that point in the film, and the file that's available online won't open in Quicktime 7, which is all I know how to use for editing video files. I tried loading it into iMovie and it was barely halfway there over an hour later, so screw it.]

HISTORY: Wong is a previous Skandie winner for Best Director (In the Mood for Love, 2001). He also previously placed 4th for Chung King Express (1996), 17th for Happy Together (1997), and 4th again for 2046 (2005).

Mati Diop finished at #12 in the lead category for 35 Shots of Rum (2009). The other three actors are new. Also, Will Forte is the lead in Nebraska, people. Without any question whatsoever. #sigh

Woody Allen makes the cut for the first time since Vicky Cristina Barcelona (#10, 2008). His only other appearances, despite his prolificity, are for Deconstructing Harry (#20, 1997) and Match Point (#5, 2005).


Scott Renshaw said...

I tried to fight the Will Forte-as-lead fight early on, but the screener FYC info dictates all, come on people, grow a pair.

Victor said...

Good job 5 other people who also remembered Amy Acker's Beatrice; quite worthy of comparison to Emma Thompson. Does this mean Nathan Fillion's Dogberry (a vast vast improvement over Michael Keaton) is coming up too?

tuttleAC said...

Almost missed Mike admitting that Forte is the lead in NEBRASKA, but that's not gonna stop me complaining. Come on guys, he's only in more scenes than Dern and virtually the entire film is from his point of view. If anything Dern is supporting at worst, co-lead at best.

Private Joker said...

Forte is a lead but he's terrible in the film regardless, so I'd be more upset that people gave him points than put him in the wrong category.